Sewing for others- almost 4 year olds

One of the things that has surprised me about my relatively recent return to sewing has been how much I love creating things for my son. So after he watched me sew for Pop Pop and Uncle Alan, and then for myself, I promised him that I would make him a new Lightening McQueen Shirt.

So I went back to my TNT Blank Slate Patterns Prepster Pullover. I hadn’t made the long sleeve version yet, but after getting my sleeve placket on with the Colette Negroni and Aster patterns, I was pretty confident.


Now, I realize that Cars came out in 2005, but through the magic of Amazon Prime and a smart tv, we are LIVING in that universe. And Lightening McQueen and Mater are regulars in the story time of the almost 4 year old.

Here’s more detail:


Above is the sleeve placket with the sleeve rolled down, and here’s one below with the cool tab that keeps the sleeve rolled up.


I had my son pick the color of the buttons. I’m trying to get him interested in making things or at least appreciating that it’s an activity worth spending time on. And I’ll be thrilled to teach him how to sew when we can trust him with a decent pair of fabric scissors. Right now, he’s very good at handing me pins and putting them back in the pin cushion. This seems to make the husband a tad nervous.

And I always include my label in these things. . .


I found those labels online from a french company, and I cannot track down where they are from. I ordered 100, and I put them in anything I make. I figure I have about 70 left, so I made 30 ish things in the last 18 months?  If you want to find labels, this company will probably where I go next. . .

Here’s the whole shirt –


And finally, with the model (the demands! Juice AND fishy crackers! THESE MODELS!)


He’s about 42 inches tall, all torso. I’ve made this and his other Prepster Pullovers in a Size 4t, and I think we can continue that for a while.

This funny thing happens every time I finish a project for him. I am so excited for him to wear it. And he is completely uninterested in wearing it. It takes a week of gentle cajoling and then he’s all “Sure, I’ll wear my Mater Shirt!” This after he asked me 14 times a day “Have you made my Mater shirt yet?” Man, toddlers being toddlers. . .

When I show friends these creations, I get a bunch of “You should start an Etsy store”, and well, Nope.  Here’s why. I really love that my son will have unique stuff. I love to sew, but I love my day job, my hockey team and playing in the orchestra (most of the time). So sewing for strangers? Not so much. It’s enough to sew for me, my family and a few select friends.

Next up are two pieces for me, a dress and a pencil skirt, both knit or mostly knit and all in coordinating navy and chocolate brown. I think of that color combination as very comforting, like hot chocolate. In a navy mug.





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