Sewing for others – Holiday 2015

So yeah, quilting cottons are not suitable for many things. BUT THE PRINTS. And you can do so many funny things with them.  And it’s still cotton.

I’ve done all handmade holidays before. Mostly because I was broke. Now I do it because my parents, brother and sister in law and brother in law are all grown ass adults, and really, what do they NEED?

They need amusing handmade items.

I made a Chicago Blackhawks Colette Negroni for my husband after the last cup win. This was followed by a Colette Seamwork Adelaide out of matching fabric for me, and a Blank Slate Patterns Prepster pullover out of Blackhawks fabric for my son. No, we didn’t get a picture taken. . . yet.

So when it came time to plan my holiday sewing items, I realized that there was holiday gift giving GOLD out there.

1st up, my Brother in law’s Golden State Warrior fandom. He’s a great guy, his only failing being that he lives in San Francisco and we’re in Chicago. And he appreciates the hand made. Luckily my husband and he are pretty similarly shaped, and so the Golden State Negroni was born!


Due to the limits of the fabric I had to piece together the sleeves, but I figured out something genius about this directional print. It may *LOOK* upside down to others, but when he holds his arms up to cheer a sweet outside three point shot, THE WORDS ARE RIGHT SIDE UP!!! The dark bodice front is this amazing linen weave cotton I got at a random Hancock Fabrics when I was killing time in Berwyn before an orchestra rehearsal in Oak Park. After cutting the front part upside down (curse you directional print!) I realized I had this awesome linen weave cotton that irons like a dream. Problem solved! And I gotta say, it worked NICELY, because, sheesh, that’s a loud print.

It was extremely well received and the thank you on Facebook, followed by jealous comments from his friends on him having the ONLY one of it’s kind was amazingly good for my ego.

Next, “A Christmas Story” Negroni for my dad.


That’s right kids, my dad is wearing leglamps. It’s a HUGELY loud shirt, but like holiday china patterns, it’s totally acceptable to wear at the holidays.

I ended up making some awesome other things – a Leglamp fleece/quilted Colette Seamwork Denali vest for my brother and Sewaholic Cypress capes for my mom and sister in law, but photos were not thought of in the ensuing holiday chaos.

I snuck in a Grainline Tamarack jacket and a Cashmerette Appleton, but that’s another blog post. . .


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