Happy new year, 1st make and 1 resolution

So, for the first time in, well, EVER I have no weight related resolutions. I vaguely want to get running again, but only once my Achilles tendon stops throwing shade at me.

I am happy not knowing what I weigh, only my measurements. My stress level about my body is very low, and after my husband and almost 4 year old son threw an epic Yankee Swap New year’s party yesterday, I have zero doubts that I live an awesome life. What’s to resolve?

My only resolution is to become more engaged in the online sewing community. So I have documented (taken a picture of) my first make of 2016. I have beefed up my sewing feed on Instagram, and I’m actually writing a blog post!  GAH! Look at me! I’m resolved!

So? On to the make. . .


This is my 3rd Colette Aster, but the first long sleeve one. I have started a tradition where the last 2 months of the calendar year are devoted to sewing for Christmas presents for my parents, brother & sister in law and my brother in law. And I’ve figured out something cool about making a bunch of patterns from the same company. The techniques totally transfer! I made two awesome Colette Negroni shirts for my dad and my brother in law (see link for great pics).

In making the Negronis, I did two rounds of long sleeve plackets. I have to say, I got this now. and had a moment of extreme sewing geekiness when I finished a placket for my Aster and it was straight! And even! and damn that topstitching rules!

I just realized that my picture of the placket is not that clear. You’ll just have to trust me on this.

I got the fabric from Fabric.com back in May, and I’ve had it washed and ready to go since June. It was always intended for an Aster. I loved it. It’s soft, it presses well, and it feels lovely against the skin. For my previous 2 Asters, I did a rayon with a flutter sleeve that is great, and then a very scratchy linen that has these metallic threads woven through it. I actually hate wearing it, and it will be donated.

I’m going to not go back and blog about those unless I have some amazing copious free time (HAH!) but moving forward the goal is to get all my makes up online. Mostly for me to see my projects. But also so that I can participate in the awesomeness that is the online sewing community. It’s one of the few places where you WANT to read the comments. I don’t ever do that on other sites as my faith in humanity crumples weeping in the corner. But not on sewing websites!

Happy new year to you!





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